Muscle ups!

Today at crossfit we did “nasty girls”.

“Nasty Girls”
3 Rounds
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

I usually do my muscle ups banded (either on the bar or on the bands).  Bar muscle ups feel more comfortable to me, probably because I’m never on the rings for anything else and pull-ups happen to be my favorite exercise!  They also take more out of me, but that is probably because I pull the band too tight when I use it on the rings and make it too easy for myself! Today, Joe pushed me to try jumping into the muscle up from a box instead.  I did a couple before the wod and felt pretty good!

Then we started the wod.  The jumping muscle ups got REALLY HARD REALLY QUICK!  But I got all of them in! 🙂  My triceps are gonna be sooooooooooore tomorrow!

Also, I PR’d my push press by 10# for a total of 105#!!!  Woohoooooooo

Totally unrelated, today is my last day at my job, so I’m obviously blogging instead of working.  

Happy Friday 🙂

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My beet journey.

I used to hate cilantro.  Actually hate is an understatement!  Now, I love it!  I make cilantro pesto, I put it on my tacos, I love it!  It was not an easy journey to get to my love for cilantro… it wasn’t even an easy journey to get to toleration of it.

A few years ago, I saw this video on youtube by GloZell Green..  If you guys have never seen any of her videos, check her out.  She is pretty hilarious.  This video is all about how she hates cilantro and if you eat something seven times, you will like it!  I don’t know about the number seven being the lucky number but some things definitely are an acquired taste.

Anyways, I’m sitting in my office right now with a container of beets.  It’s just me and the beets in here.  One of us is going to win this battle.  It’s my third time eating beets, the first two times I cooked the beets at home myself.  This time, I bought them in the cafeteria at work.  There’s A LOT more than seven bites… I’m hoping to love them by bite number 3, but that is highly unlikely.  I’m pretty sure I won’t get much further than seven bites, and the reactions that you saw in GloZell’s video above is pretty much spot on for what is going on inside my office right now.  Thank God I have a door… 🙂

Why do beets have to be soooooooo good for you and taste so disgusting at the same time????

If anyone has a delicious beet recipe, please feel free to pass it my way because I am determined to like them.

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I can cook non-paleo too :)

Dad was over for dinner last night again, the pressure is ON when he is over!  He wants something good for dinner and will not be afraid to let you know it’s not up to his standards!!!!

I cooked some beef in the crockpot all day using stew meat, El Pato red enchilada sauce, a onion and a can of green chilies.  I usually put my meat in the crockpot frozen because I’m too lazy to plan my meals far enough in advance to defrost everything, so I usually cook it for 2 hours longer than normal.  If this had been defrosted, I would have done 7-8 hours, so frozen I cooked it on low for 10 hours.

Once I came home, I shredded the beef, warmed up some refried beans and tortillas and shredded some cheese.  I took out my pan, put a layer of enchilada sauce from my crockpot and then started with the enchiladas.  I laid out a warm flour tortilla, lined it with beans, and filled it up with the beef and cheese.  Once all of the enchiladas were in the pan, I topped it with some more enchilada sauce and cheese.  I baked it for about 20 minutes on 350, then broiled it for about two minutes (uncovered).  Voila!

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Dad said it was the best meal I’ve ever cooked for him! 🙂

I always make leftovers for Dean and I to have lunch the next day.  As good as they were, neither of us wanted to eat the fatty enchiladas for lunch.  So, when I was making the enchiladas, I set aside some beef and threw some cauliflower into the food processor to make some rice!  And now we have created a leftover paleo lunch out of a not-so-paleo dinner!!!  Yay!!!!