My blog vacation is over

Wow, I just noticed that my last post was early April.  Major fail on my part.  Big life changes have happened since then!  In early April I quit my job, I thought I was going to retire out of that company for the better part of the 4 years I was there.  Things quickly went downhill and a new opportunity was placed on my horizon.  It was  scary move for me but I am really happy that I made it.  I accepted a position at a new company as the Manager of Financial Planning and boy do I love it!  We just moved into a new office this week and I’m no longer sharing a wall with the bathroom, which is a plus.  Here is a picture of my new office.


In between quitting my old job and starting my new job, I GOT MARRIED!  We had the most perfect day and it still makes me grin ear to ear when I think about it.  Our vendors say we had the most amazing dance party they’ve ever seen…. it was so fun!!!!!  Here is my and my new husband!


A couple days after the wedding we went to Greece for our honeymoon.  My husband is Greek so we were basically locals there haha  ;).  We saw the most beautiful sites and ate the most amazing food (which deserves a post all to itself), and made the most beautiful memories together.  This is us in Mykonos.  Do we look madly in love like we are having the best time of our lives?  That’s because we are.


I am looking forward to keeping my blog a little more up to date and if anyone is looking for another blog to follow, one of my best friends just left yesterday to Thailand with a one way plane ticket.  She quit her job and is planning to travel southeast Asia for about 6 months.  I miss her dearly but am excited to keep up with her and her blog!!!!!  TRAVELING GDA