Ummm…. hi there.  So I made a joke a few weeks ago over instagram about how I want to change my career to food blogging…. as silly as it sounded at the time, I started taking it pretty seriously.  Well, not the changing career part because let’s be honest, it’s not gonna pay my bills.  Please go easy on me as I’m no professional blogger.  The only experience that I have with blogging (as embarrassing as this is to say) was with a blog I participated in with a few other girls to share our horror stories from match.com.  It was fun, but it only lasted a few weeks.  I plan on being interested in paleo, crossfit and blogging about my life for a bit longer than match.com.  🙂    On a side note- if you are interested, here is a link to that blog.  http://memoirsofmatch.blogspot.com/  And no, I will absolutely not tell you which one I was.

So, why bacon, barbells and bliss?  Well, my first choice was already taken, “Eat, lift, love”.  I’m still pretty upset about that actually.  I wanted to involve paleo, crossfit and my life, because those my 3 favorite things and I know I have ADD too much to stick to one topic.

Bacon- Everyone that does paleo loves bacon right?  Correct.
I like food… a lot.  I like to cook food, take pictures of my food, eat my food and talk about my food… in that order.  Notice I didn’t say I like to clean up my food.
Here is a picture of the view from my kitchen.

Barbells-  I have been doing CrossFit for about 9 months at Orange Coast Crossfit, I love it.  I’m not that good at it, but I love it.  Everyone that knows me knows that.  I’ve gotten every comment from I’m too obsessed to I look great.  Whether the comments are positive or negative, they all make me happy because I’m doing something that makes me really happy.  Up until about a month ago, I used to see my fiance after every morning WOD (That’s CrossFit for “Workout of the day”) and the moment I would walk through the door I would say, “Hey babe, guess what I did today at CrossFit?”  I’m positive that it annoyed him but he’s pretty awesome and put up with it.  🙂  I don’t see him after CrossFit anymore, and not everyone on my facebook cares about my snatch PR as much as he does, soooooo I’m gonna tell all of you about it.
This is my box (That’s CrossFit for “gym”)

Bliss- My life is kind of awesome and I want to share it.
This is my bliss.

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, a coach or anything along those lines.. and I’m not going to pretend to be.  I’m not here to tell anyone what they should do, but rather to share what I am doing.  🙂

If you don’t like Crossfit, paleo, or me you probably won’t enjoy this blog very much.

Happy reading :)


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