Paleo confessions

No, I’m not going to confess all the champagne and cheesecake I had this weekend… it was my bridal shower this weekend, give me a break. ¬†ūüôā

I consume 3 things on a DAILY basis that are not paleo.

1. Pre-workout drink. ¬†It wakes me up before Crossfit, gives me more energy to lift heavier and faster, and it’s a lot quicker for me to get ready in the mornings than coffee.

2. ¬†Protein shake. ¬†It’s loaded with protein, it’s a quick way for me to get protein right after working out and it tastes pretty damn good!!! ¬†If I don’t take my protein shake right after I work out, it will be about 2 hours before I get anything in my stomach after working out, and you don’t want to encounter me when I am that hungry.

3. ¬†Coffee creamer. ¬†Guilt pleasure.. I have no excuse. ¬†I’ll be in the kitchen at work (where people know how I eat), having a¬†conversation¬†about paleo, while pouring my coffee creamer into my coffee. ¬†I’ve been called out on it more than once. ¬†It’s almost embarrassing, but I still use it every day. ¬†:/

I wanted to put that out there more of a disclaimer before this next paragraph. ¬†I am in no way perfect, I don’t follow paleo 100% but I try to use my head about it. ¬†I don’t eat something bad for me and try to justify it. ¬†I “like” a lot of Crossfits on facebook, I like to see the different WODs, the set up of the boxes, maybe I have friends that go there, or maybe I’ve¬†visited¬†or thought about visiting that box. ¬†The other day I saw a local box post about a “24 day Advocare challenge”. ¬†I looked up advocare and saw that it’s basically a TON of supplements, appetite suppressants and meal replacements… MEAL REPLACEMENTS???? ¬†REALLY???? ¬†If you are hungry, then you should EAT!!! ¬†And eat real food!!! ¬†No need to suppress your appetite or replace a meal with a shake! ¬†I was extremely shocked to see a Crossfit box promoting this. ¬†Seems like a gimic and not quite in line with what I understand from Crossfit/paleo. ¬†I’m sure it works, I’m sure you can lose weight, but does it really fall in line with Crossfit and paleo? ¬†Is that really healthy???? ¬†I don’t feel like this is something that a Crossfit box should be promoting or selling. The box that posted this “challenge” is one that is close to my house and if my situation ever changes and I’m not able to go to OCCF, this one would be an¬†option¬†for me. ¬†It’s not anymore.

Here is a blog I read when researching Advocare.