My blog vacation is over

Wow, I just noticed that my last post was early April.  Major fail on my part.  Big life changes have happened since then!  In early April I quit my job, I thought I was going to retire out of that company for the better part of the 4 years I was there.  Things quickly went downhill and a new opportunity was placed on my horizon.  It was  scary move for me but I am really happy that I made it.  I accepted a position at a new company as the Manager of Financial Planning and boy do I love it!  We just moved into a new office this week and I’m no longer sharing a wall with the bathroom, which is a plus.  Here is a picture of my new office.


In between quitting my old job and starting my new job, I GOT MARRIED!  We had the most perfect day and it still makes me grin ear to ear when I think about it.  Our vendors say we had the most amazing dance party they’ve ever seen…. it was so fun!!!!!  Here is my and my new husband!


A couple days after the wedding we went to Greece for our honeymoon.  My husband is Greek so we were basically locals there haha  ;).  We saw the most beautiful sites and ate the most amazing food (which deserves a post all to itself), and made the most beautiful memories together.  This is us in Mykonos.  Do we look madly in love like we are having the best time of our lives?  That’s because we are.


I am looking forward to keeping my blog a little more up to date and if anyone is looking for another blog to follow, one of my best friends just left yesterday to Thailand with a one way plane ticket.  She quit her job and is planning to travel southeast Asia for about 6 months.  I miss her dearly but am excited to keep up with her and her blog!!!!!  TRAVELING GDA


Muscle ups!

Today at crossfit we did “nasty girls”.

“Nasty Girls”
3 Rounds
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

I usually do my muscle ups banded (either on the bar or on the bands).  Bar muscle ups feel more comfortable to me, probably because I’m never on the rings for anything else and pull-ups happen to be my favorite exercise!  They also take more out of me, but that is probably because I pull the band too tight when I use it on the rings and make it too easy for myself! Today, Joe pushed me to try jumping into the muscle up from a box instead.  I did a couple before the wod and felt pretty good!

Then we started the wod.  The jumping muscle ups got REALLY HARD REALLY QUICK!  But I got all of them in! 🙂  My triceps are gonna be sooooooooooore tomorrow!

Also, I PR’d my push press by 10# for a total of 105#!!!  Woohoooooooo

Totally unrelated, today is my last day at my job, so I’m obviously blogging instead of working.  

Happy Friday 🙂

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My beet journey.

I used to hate cilantro.  Actually hate is an understatement!  Now, I love it!  I make cilantro pesto, I put it on my tacos, I love it!  It was not an easy journey to get to my love for cilantro… it wasn’t even an easy journey to get to toleration of it.

A few years ago, I saw this video on youtube by GloZell Green..  If you guys have never seen any of her videos, check her out.  She is pretty hilarious.  This video is all about how she hates cilantro and if you eat something seven times, you will like it!  I don’t know about the number seven being the lucky number but some things definitely are an acquired taste.

Anyways, I’m sitting in my office right now with a container of beets.  It’s just me and the beets in here.  One of us is going to win this battle.  It’s my third time eating beets, the first two times I cooked the beets at home myself.  This time, I bought them in the cafeteria at work.  There’s A LOT more than seven bites… I’m hoping to love them by bite number 3, but that is highly unlikely.  I’m pretty sure I won’t get much further than seven bites, and the reactions that you saw in GloZell’s video above is pretty much spot on for what is going on inside my office right now.  Thank God I have a door… 🙂

Why do beets have to be soooooooo good for you and taste so disgusting at the same time????

If anyone has a delicious beet recipe, please feel free to pass it my way because I am determined to like them.

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I can cook non-paleo too :)

Dad was over for dinner last night again, the pressure is ON when he is over!  He wants something good for dinner and will not be afraid to let you know it’s not up to his standards!!!!

I cooked some beef in the crockpot all day using stew meat, El Pato red enchilada sauce, a onion and a can of green chilies.  I usually put my meat in the crockpot frozen because I’m too lazy to plan my meals far enough in advance to defrost everything, so I usually cook it for 2 hours longer than normal.  If this had been defrosted, I would have done 7-8 hours, so frozen I cooked it on low for 10 hours.

Once I came home, I shredded the beef, warmed up some refried beans and tortillas and shredded some cheese.  I took out my pan, put a layer of enchilada sauce from my crockpot and then started with the enchiladas.  I laid out a warm flour tortilla, lined it with beans, and filled it up with the beef and cheese.  Once all of the enchiladas were in the pan, I topped it with some more enchilada sauce and cheese.  I baked it for about 20 minutes on 350, then broiled it for about two minutes (uncovered).  Voila!

photo (9)

Dad said it was the best meal I’ve ever cooked for him! 🙂

I always make leftovers for Dean and I to have lunch the next day.  As good as they were, neither of us wanted to eat the fatty enchiladas for lunch.  So, when I was making the enchiladas, I set aside some beef and threw some cauliflower into the food processor to make some rice!  And now we have created a leftover paleo lunch out of a not-so-paleo dinner!!!  Yay!!!!


Sometimes you just need some bread.. and artichoke pasta. :)

Every now and then, a few days go by that paleo is sooooo hard.  And so is Crossfit.  These two occasions usually coincide and it happens about once a month, TMI, I know… and I’m sorry.

Two nights ago was the height of my anti-paleo phase.  I had a bad day and was not about to cook anything, especially anything paleo.  So, we went out, we went to Panini Grill.  I was quickly reminded why I cook at home.  Dean’s chicken skewers were raw, and we had the worst service ever.  My panini however, was amazing.  So amazing that I ate the whole thing.  Ten minutes later I was practically curled up in a ball in pain.

Sadly the next night, I was still not interested in paleo but I knew what would happen if I ate something like a panini again, plus I don’t think I could talk Dean into that two nights in a row.  I had been wanting to make a recipe that I found on paleomg a few weeks ago.  It was an artichoke pesto with chicken and spaghetti squash.  It was THE. MOST. AMAZING. MEAL. that I’ve ever made.  It was so creamy and tasted so fatttening but it was just artichoke!!!  It was just what I needed.  Well, that and the paleo bread.

I’ve made a few paleo breads and this one is my favorite one.  Throw some butter on it while it’s warm and it’s like heaven.  I have to stop myself from eating it all night.

photo (5)photo (7)photo (6)

The recipe and a picture of the paleo bread are below.  I wish I could take credit for either of these but unfortunately I can not.  So credit goes to paleomg and my friend TJ from Orange Coast Crossfit!


Project Champlain- and cilantro pesto chicken!!!

Project Champlain

Dean and I purchased our first home together a couple of months ago.  It has been the best purchase of my entire life and sooooo much work!  I anticipated living in construction for a month or so, we are going on 3 months and there is no end in sight!  Luckily we are no longer sleeping on a mattress on the floor or eating dinner with a wheelbarrow as our dining table!!!

There is saw dust everywhere, random paint samples on the walls, enough trash on the side of our yard to fill up about 5 dumpsters and tools EVERYWHERE.

Here are the projects that we decided to take on (and some pictures of what we’ve done so far)!!!

  • Install hardwood flooring- complete!


  • Expand closet in master bedroom- 99% complete!


  • Paint-   We still have the office, both bathrooms and the kitchen to complete


  • Baseboards- in progress
  • New doors/ door casings- in progress


  • Crown molding- in progress
  • Fireplace refacing- not even started yet!!!


Luckily I have the most handy dandy dad in the world and he is helping us out tremendously!!!!  He comes over once or twice a week and works while Dean and I are at work to work on the house, spends the night and gets up the next morning to work on the house more!  We are so lucky to have him helping us out!!

Over the weekend he told me that he would be over on Monday night.  He told me that I better have a good dinner ready for him and it better not involve cauliflower!!!!  😉

So, Dad got chicken cooked in cilantro pesto with some steamed veggies that were leftover from my bridal shower!  I added a tortilla for him too!  He didn’t look too excited watching me cook it but he loved it!!!

Cilantro pesto

In your food processor, combine-

  • A bunch or two of cilantro
  • Handful of toasted almonds
  • 3-4 crushed garlic cloves
  • Olive oil
  • 1/4 cup of Chicken broth
  • Salt and pepper


I sauteed the chicken in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic.  Once the chicken was cooked through and browned, I added in the cilantro pesto and cooked it together for a few minutes!  I served it with some fresh avocados that Dad brought over from his tree!  They were extra creamy and so much better than the ones at the grocery store.


Dad also told me he can’t wait for my next blog entry-  HI DAD!!!!  🙂

Paleo confessions

No, I’m not going to confess all the champagne and cheesecake I had this weekend… it was my bridal shower this weekend, give me a break.  🙂

I consume 3 things on a DAILY basis that are not paleo.

1. Pre-workout drink.  It wakes me up before Crossfit, gives me more energy to lift heavier and faster, and it’s a lot quicker for me to get ready in the mornings than coffee.

2.  Protein shake.  It’s loaded with protein, it’s a quick way for me to get protein right after working out and it tastes pretty damn good!!!  If I don’t take my protein shake right after I work out, it will be about 2 hours before I get anything in my stomach after working out, and you don’t want to encounter me when I am that hungry.

3.  Coffee creamer.  Guilt pleasure.. I have no excuse.  I’ll be in the kitchen at work (where people know how I eat), having a conversation about paleo, while pouring my coffee creamer into my coffee.  I’ve been called out on it more than once.  It’s almost embarrassing, but I still use it every day.  :/

I wanted to put that out there more of a disclaimer before this next paragraph.  I am in no way perfect, I don’t follow paleo 100% but I try to use my head about it.  I don’t eat something bad for me and try to justify it.  I “like” a lot of Crossfits on facebook, I like to see the different WODs, the set up of the boxes, maybe I have friends that go there, or maybe I’ve visited or thought about visiting that box.  The other day I saw a local box post about a “24 day Advocare challenge”.  I looked up advocare and saw that it’s basically a TON of supplements, appetite suppressants and meal replacements… MEAL REPLACEMENTS????  REALLY????  If you are hungry, then you should EAT!!!  And eat real food!!!  No need to suppress your appetite or replace a meal with a shake!  I was extremely shocked to see a Crossfit box promoting this.  Seems like a gimic and not quite in line with what I understand from Crossfit/paleo.  I’m sure it works, I’m sure you can lose weight, but does it really fall in line with Crossfit and paleo?  Is that really healthy????  I don’t feel like this is something that a Crossfit box should be promoting or selling. The box that posted this “challenge” is one that is close to my house and if my situation ever changes and I’m not able to go to OCCF, this one would be an option for me.  It’s not anymore.

Here is a blog I read when researching Advocare.